Although women are estimated to make up 75-85% of the workforce in dance, they hold leadership positions such as Artistic Director and Choreographer in far fewer numbers and receive lesser payments for their work than their male counterparts. In fact, according to the Dance Data Project, of the full-length premieres that were commissioned by the 50 largest ballet companies between 2018-23, only 18% were choreographed by women.
In an effort to remedy this underrepresentation we’re bringing women choreographers of the Pacific Northwest region to Portland, Oregon for a weekend-long showcase of the innovation and talent that women bring to the art form. Our hope is that by offering women choreographers a monetary stipend, a residency for rehearsal and development, quality photos and video footage of the performances for use in future promotion, and an audience for their work, as well as by increasing their visibility and access to networking opportunities, we will help to move the needle toward equal opportunity for women choreographers.
WCPNW aims to present works by women artists to an audience of dance professionals, administrators, students, and patrons that are inventive, well crafted, and impactful.
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Participating choreographers will receive a 2-3 day residency at Suzanne Chi’s studio “Dance Barn’’ in Mosier, OR for rehearsal and creative development. They will also have the option to attend a Work in Progress Showing, which will be held a few weeks prior to the performances. This will be an opportunity for the choreographers to network with their peers and selected invitees, give and receive feedback on their works, and hold consultations with our lighting designer and technical director.
To ensure the accessibility of WCPNW performances, a sliding scale ticket pricing system will be implemented, as well as discounts made available for community artists, students, seniors, and military. For our audience members who may have physical or geographical barriers to attendance, we aim to include an online live stream of the event. Our venue is ADA accessible, and our administrators will be available for communication with audience members prior to the performances in order to address any special needs they might have.
WCPNW will benefit the Pacific Northwest’s dance community by building valuable connections between participating artists and by fostering an increase in opportunity. WCPNW will contribute to making the Pacific Northwest a leading region in dance equity, and will ultimately improve the region’s cultural landscape in terms of both gender equality and artistic innovation.  
Beyond creating opportunities for women choreographers, WCPNW is committed to hiring women lighting designers, technical directors, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and arts administrators. 
Choreographers have been selected to present work because they exemplify WCPNW’s values which include diversity, talent, and artistic innovation. WCPNW aims to present works that are inventive, well crafted, and highly impactful.
WCPNW has the potential to grow into an annual festival, perhaps with an application system for choreographers who wish to participate. 

Join us May 16th - 19th at New Expressive Works in Portland, Oregon.

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